If you want fast growth on YouTube, listen up.

You fall into one of two buckets: you have a YouTube channel, or you want a YouTube channel.

You know that video could elevate your brand to a new level. You know that YouTube can send thousands of customers your way. And you know that you can literally make a living on the platform if you get it right.

But here’s the thing…

Getting traction on YouTube isn’t easy.

New channels can find it a struggle. And even if you’ve experienced the thrill of traction with your channel before, replicating the success repeatedly can be hard.

Here’s what most people don’t know:

By following the correct blueprint, any channel can explode in popularity time and time again.

And almost every channel out there is shooting themselves in the foot with outdated tricks, a lack of vision, and money left on the table. Especially channels operated by ‘brands’.

I want to help.

I’ve spent thousands of hours on YouTube:

  • Analyzing what works in the algorithm and why
  • Reverse engineering why top channels are succeeding
  • Spotting opportunities where huge channels leave money on the table
  • Diving into data to improve underperforming results

And I’ve been able to put a repeatable blueprint together based on what works.

I’ve consulted for some serious creators and marketers.

And I create and manage channels that consistently blow up with views that massively exceed subscriber numbers.

It can happen in just one video.

In May 2023, I uploaded a video on a channel with just 900 subscribers. It reached 710,500 views and generated over $2,800 in ad revenue — despite the channel not being monetized at the time of upload.

My goal is to help your YouTube channel fly so high it needs a spacesuit.

And almost every part of my playbook works for both new and existing channels.

In the Explode on YouTube course, I’ll give you the framework you need to exploit the YouTube algorithm and see massive success with your brand.

I’ll highlight mistakes that many huge channels are making.

And I’ll even help you get greater performance out of videos you’ve already published.

Look what happened to the Honest FBA channel…

Honest FBA uploaded over 200 videos but had never reached 5,000 views.

Their first video after learning the Explode on YouTube blueprint reached 106,000 views. Their subscriber count tripled as a result of a single video.

This is an above typical result, but if you’re looking to get more success on YouTube with your niche-focused channel, I can help. That’s a promise that comes with a money back guarantee.

What’s included?

  • Access to Explode on YouTube and any future updates
  • 2+ hours of highly efficient videos on YouTube strategy and tactics
  • A repeatable process for success with any YouTube channel
  • Actionable tactics you can apply to old and new videos
  • A bank of thumbnail inspiration

My channel is growing extremely quickly and Luke is someone I can always rely on for ideas, theories and ways to improve further
Damien Talks Money
Damien Talks Money
110,000 subscribers
Luke's advice was exactly what I needed to hear. Super specific, actionable and insightful advice that shifted my perspective on how to grow my YouTube channel and make better content.
510,000 subscribers
I just watched my husband's first ever YouTube video and I'm blown away. His first video is better than most people's 100th. Why's it so good? He took the Explode on YouTube course and followed the formula.
Niche Site Lady
Niche Site Lady
Niche site influencer making $50k+ per month
Creator Kingdom's videos are packed full of information, without waffle. It's quickly increased my understanding of what I should be focusing on with our niche YouTube channel. The community has also been super welcoming. It's a lot easier to push yourself when you've with others in the same boat!
Niche site owner
There are a lot of great YouTube courses out there but when I saw Explode on YouTube, I had to jump on it. The recommendations have entirely changed how I create titles and thumbnails and my last 2 videos are in my top 3 performers. It's incredible.
Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
3,000 subscribers
Explode on YouTube gave me a repeatable framework for creating videos that get traffic and subscribers. The course is backed up the great Creator Kingdom community that gives feedback and ideas about your research, titles, thumbnails and scripts.
Fraser McCulloch
Fraser McCulloch
The course content is top-notch, with concise and informative videos that have significantly enhanced my understanding of effective strategies for our YouTube channel, and the community is such an unexpected bonus.
Niche creator
Creator Kingdom is the real deal when it comes to achieving success on YouTube. I love how clearly Luke explains things without any fluff. The major benefit is access to the community as Luke truly takes the time to help people execute what they have learned.
Danny Ashton
Danny Ashton
Agency founder
I love the no BS approach to Creator Kingdom. It provides actionable steps that you need to execute to build a successful YouTube channel, and Luke genuinely wants to see you succeed.
Josh Blackburn
Josh Blackburn
Luke knows his stuff when it comes to success on YouTube. He knows what YouTube wants and what it rewards. If you're thinking about buying this course, I highly recommend you pull the trigger.
South Lakes SEO
South Lakes SEO

What to expect

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01 What is Explode on YouTube?

Explode on YouTube is a course; a blueprint, a set of rules and guidance, and a repeatable process that you can follow to see success as a niche-focused creator.

It has 40+ video lessons that are focused on success in the algorithm. All videos are succinct and efficient.

02 When will membership be open?

Access is currently closed with no plans to re-open.

03 Who is this course aimed at?

Whilst channels of any style can find benefit from Explode on YouTube, niche-focused creators and brands will find the biggest benefit. If you have any knowledge of SEO then you’ll find this even more useful.

04 Can you teach me how to make videos?

Explode on YouTube focuses on beating the YouTube algorithm. It includes tips about scripting, recording and editing, but it does not teach you how to sit in front of a microphone and press record!

05 I already know a lot about the YouTube algorithm, will I find value in Explode on YouTube?

There are many hidden gems within Explode on YouTube that will make you rethink things even if you already know lots about the algorithm. For most creators, one hidden gem can be enough to repay the entire cost of the course.

06 Do I have to show my face in videos?

We’ve seen plenty of success making videos that do not show our face.

07 How long will it take to complete the course?

Because analysis paralysis is such a prevalent factor when it comes to YouTube channels, I focused heavily on only including the things you need to know. I also edited out every single pause (there are no “uhms” or “ahhs”, and there’s even almost no breathing) to make it as fast to consume as possible.

Explode on YouTube includes around 2 hours of efficient video content and a growing bank of thumbnail inspiration.

08 Do you offer YouTube consultancy?

I am open to consultancy work for existing channels that want to get more out of what they’re doing. The ideal channel for working with me will have at least 50,000 subscribers. Email [email protected] if you’re interested.

09 How is this different from other YouTube courses or free information?

I can’t comment on what other courses are offering but I can communicate the clear value of what I offer here:

In Explode on YouTube, you get a clear, concise, structured blueprint that is repeatable on any channel. The entire course is tailored to niche-focused brands and creators. There’s no fluff and no information about things you don’t need to know.

Every video is 100% scripted and every single pause is edited out, meaning you get 2 hours of constant value in video form, plus a small number of additional text-based lessons.

As a teacher, I’m in the trenches making videos and consulting for fast-growing channels so I know what works first hand and have lots of data to back up my theories.

10 Do you offer refunds?

If you’re not happy with Explode on YouTube or Creator Kingdom for any reason, email me in the first 7 days and I’ll refund your purchase.