About Creator Kingdom

Creator Kingdom is a training platform and community for creators and brands that want to grow their niche-focused YouTube channels.

It doesn’t matter whether you make videos about fitness, Minecraft, a hyper-specific area of business-to-business or any other area — if you have a targeted niche and want to grow your YouTube channel, you’ll find value in Creator Kingdom and its course content; Explode on YouTube.

Creator Kingdom was founded by Luke Jordan, a UK-based content business owner with over a decade of experience in online marketing.

It was created because many search-focused marketers were transitioning to video content but were making a lot of mistakes based on their experience of working with Google, not YouTube.

As he explored where marketers were going wrong and analyzed thousands of channels, he found that many YouTube creators — even those with fair amounts of success — were stunting their growth and leaving money on the table.

With YouTube consultancy costing as much as $1,000-per-hour, Creator Kingdom is an affordable community-based alternative for creators to get insight and find the tricks they need to employ to grow their channel faster.

A huge thanks to those that inspired Creator Kingdom; Glen Allsopp for showing me that course content can pack extreme value without fluff; Pat Walls for sharing his journey with Starter Story and for not being too mad that I replicated some of his website’s layout; Pieter Levels for inspiring the initial launch of this with nothing more than a Stripe link on Twitter; Peter Askew for reminding me that the search for fulfilment is more important than the search for profit; Carl Hendy for politely explaining that I wasn’t built for agency life; and my wife for always believing in me. There are many others too but this list would go on forever. – Luke

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Creator Kingdom is owned by Offside Projects LTD, registered at 4th Floor 18 St Cross Street, London EC1N 8UN, United Kingdom. Company number 13110296.