Explode on YouTube

“The cheat code for beating the YouTube algorithm in 2023.”

An illustration depicting the Explode on YouTube growth course

“I just watched my husband’s first ever YouTube video and I’m blown away. His first video is better than most people’s 100th. Why’s it so good? He took the Explode on YouTube course and followed the formula.”

Niche Site Lady, $60k-per-month website influencer

In Explode on YouTube, I’ll teach you:

  • How to send viral signals to the algorithm in multiple ways
  • How to avoid mistakes that even large creators are making
  • How to hit more 1/10 uploads short-term and long-term
  • How to 5x the number of viewers that turn into subscribers
  • And more

I’ll show you how I created a video for a channel with 900 subscribers and got 498,000 views (and counting):

Yes, it was unmonetized at the time of upload!

Update in November 2023: it’s on 714,000 views and $2,907 in revenue now.

I’ll show you how to create videos that consistently get views long-term:

The course is fast-paced and provides constant value. Every word is 100% scripted to deliver maximum value in minimal time.

Even if you know a lot about the YouTube algorithm already, Explode on YouTube includes the hidden gem tips that can repay the course many times over.