Creator Kingdom Reviews

Things large creators say about Creator Kingdom’s founder:

“Luke’s advice was filled with super specific, actionable and insightful advice that shifted my perspective on how to grow my YouTube channel and make better content.”

muchelleb, 509,000 subscribers

“My channel is growing extremely quickly and Luke is someone I can always rely on for ideas, theories and ways to improve further.”

Damien Talks Money, 110,000 subscribers

Creator Kingdom and Explode on YouTube reviews from real members:

“I’d been watching YouTube to learn how to create good YouTube videos for ages but I wasn’t really getting anywhere. Explode on YouTube condenses all the essential info we need to know into short, easy-to-watch videos. I would recommend it to anyone who’s serious about growing a YouTube channel the right way.”

Niche Site Lady, $50k-per-month website influencer

“Creator Kingdom is the real deal when it comes to achieving success on YouTube. I love how clearly Luke explains things without any fluff. The major benefit is access to the community as Luke truly takes the time to help people execute what they have learned.”

Danny Ashton, agency founder

“There are a lot of great YouTube courses out there but when I saw Explode on YouTube, I had to jump on it. The recommendations have entirely changed how I create titles and thumbnails and my last 2 videos are in my top 3 performers. It’s incredible.”

Phillip Stemann, 3,000 subscribers

“I love the no BS approach to Creator Kingdom. It provides actionable steps that you need to execute to build a successful YouTube channel, and Luke genuinely wants to see you succeed.”

Josh Blackburn, SEO

“The course content is top-notch, with concise and informative videos that have significantly enhanced my understanding of effective strategies for our YouTube channel, and the community is such an unexpected bonus.”

Scott, website owner & creator

“Luke knows his stuff when it comes to success on YouTube. He knows what YouTube wants and what it rewards. If you’re thinking about buying this course, I highly recommend you pull the trigger.”

South Lakes SEO, marketing agency

“CreatorKingdom’s videos are packed full of information, without waffle. It’s quickly increased my understanding of what I should be focusing on with our niche YouTube channel.”

Craig, website owner

“Explode on YouTube gave me a repeatable framework for creating videos that get traffic and subscribers. The course is backed up the great Creator Kingdom community that gives feedback and ideas about your research, titles, thumbnails and scripts.”

Fraser McCulloch, SEO